Life-Safety Managed Services
  • Fire System Inspections

  • Fire Equipment Inspections 

  • Emergency Call Inspections

  • Elevator Inspections

  • And more

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  • Increases Owner awareness, response and overall building compliance

  • Provides one central location for the receiving, managing, tracking and filing of required inspections for any location from any hired vendor (i.e. Service Provider)

  • Automatic notifications of upcoming, past-due, deficient or critically impaired reports

  • Decreases time and costs associated with inspections including fees and late fines

  • Real-time data and direct communication

  • Insurance reductions

  • Customized programming

Web based inspections provide easily accessible and organized, documented proof that your life safety systems are up to date and performing properly.

All life safety systems require inspections and maintenance to ensure they will function properly in an emergency to keep your people and assets safe. Traditionally, inspections are performed, and the manager or owner is provided with a written receipt stating the inspections and systems checked. This paper report must be kept on hand for inspectors from your AHJ, so it is imperative to keep your inspection reports organized and easily accessible. Detailed inspection reports assist fire, safety and other regulatory officials in enforcing safety regulations easily in their jurisdiction, while they provide building owners/property managers with peace of mind knowing that their life safety systems are in compliance.  If you do not have proper inspections, you could be open to liability:

  • Injury and death of people 

  • Loss/damage of asset

  • Insurance claim denial

  • Penalties and fines

  • Condemnation of your property

ADVCOMM helps property owners and managers with tracking and ensuring that proper inspections are being conducted by their local systems vendor.  This report is then uploaded into our online reporting system which is available for the organization at anytime.   Any defects found on the inspection report is followed up on, ensuring that repairs are promptly handled. 

Never miss an inspection again!  ADVCOMM also tracks and notifies customers that their next required inspection is approaching, and escalates any past due inspections to management or corporate key contacts.