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Alarm & Event Monitoring

Alarms & Events | Monitoring

Our alarm monitoring central station is operating 24 hours a day, everyday, with professionally trained and certified operators.  The center is UL listed and five-diamond certified and handles all alarm, signaling and event monitoring and response. In addition, our support team quickly and efficiently detects, identifies system troubles, and dispatches service technicians for repairs.

Alarm/Event Customization

24/7 monitoring of emergency call systems in your facility.   We tailor alarm handling protocols to your specific need.


Alarm/Evening Notifications

We can create a custom notification plan so that you, your staff and maintenance technicians are notified in real-time when an alarm or trouble condition exists.



We can dispatch repair technicians in the event we receive a trouble condition or notify staff so that they can contact a repair or service technician.


Advanced Reporting

Alarm monitoring activity reports can be customized to your specific needs and sent on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

System Inspection & Testing

We assess, inspect and certify emergency call, nurse call and fire alarm systems through our national partners.

Alarm Monitoring
Event Monitoring
  • Security

  • Access Control

  • CCTV

  • Environmental

  • Network

  • GPS Tracking

  • More

Communication Path
  • Landline (POTS or Analog) 

  • Cellular 

  • Radio 

  • IP

  • SMTP 

  • Voice

  • Other

Alarms & Events | Network Outage Monitoring

We monitor IT infrastructure, power distribution and telephone networks and equipment in our security and network operations center, 24 hours a day, every day.  These events and alarms are critical to the operations of our clients' and handled as a priority.   

Alarms & Events | Wireless/Cellular Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring can work in a number of ways. Cellular monitoring, which is also known as "wireless monitoring" is the most reliable kind of communication. It uses cellular towers to communicate in the same way that a cell phone uses cell towers. These towers are reliable, and the service that is provided by them is nearly impossible to disrupt.

Incident Reporting| Asset Protection

Our asset protection center is staffed with experienced personnel who handle everyday emergency situations. We provide managed asset protection services to multi-site locations which are used for reporting corporate incidents from our client employees, residents and guests on our client properties, while aiding, providing instructions, and a link to resources.  All incident reports and reporting are available in real-time and sent to key contacts within the client’s organization.

Managed Services| Life-Safety | One-Call

We are your ONE-CALL partners for security, emergency-call and fire life-safety systems.   We work with affiliated members throughout the country who specialize in system installations, repairs, servicing and inspections.    Our dedicated team will facilitate:

  • Repairs/service calls

  • System and equipment inspections

  • Ticket creation and dispatching of technicians

  • Repair follow-up and inspection review

Inspection scheduling and review

Systems (such as fire) requires periodic inspections.  You'll never miss another mandated inspection again!  We will review all inspection reports and follow up on any deficiencies with your maintenance vendor and your site staff.

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