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Lone Worker & Monitoring

Lone Workers | About

Our systems deliver immediate incident notification and protection – ideal for lone workers in the retail and delivery service sector including property management, warehouse, customer facing retail, and delivery services. With the press of a button, the our device utilizes two-way voice to connect with our monitoring center to ensure the safety of remote and front line workers. outlined below is designed to determine if your current solution is in compliance or not.

Lone Workers | Covert Help

You want to protect your customer facing employees in different situations. In some cases you may not want to draw attention to the fact that help is being requested. Our lone worker devices offers a silent mode. In this mode the device will suppress all audio and visual cues, enabling the emergency call to be covert and not draw the attention of the perpetrator.

Lone Workers | Discreet Wearable Options

In addition, Our lone work devices offers a companion pendant (the size of a quarter) which can discretely worn or installed, giving your employees flexible options for help in a time of need. Our monitoring service providers will immediately dispatch security or police, record the call, and listen in on the situation to provide insight for law enforcement. Peace of mind, confidence, and safety all with the press of a button.

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